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If you’re reading this you’re probably a mom, soon to be mom, or your shopping for a baby gift for someone in your life. When I became a mom almost 2 years ago I did a ton of research. What’s the best diaper brand? Is a sound machine worth it? Will I actually use a snot sucker? The answer is yes to the last question in case you were wondering 😉

I’m definitely not the most experienced mom out there but I have quickly found my favorites as a second time mom. Let’s jump right into it.


If no ones told you yet, you WILL lose sleep as a mom. Make sure you have a comfortable rocker/recliner in the nursery because chances are high you will spend lots of time in it. Babies get sick, they go through sleep regressions, they fight sleep in general and you will find yourself comforting them at all hours of the night. This glider rocker/recliner has been well used for 2 years now and it has held up so well. We have a different one in my daughters room but both my husband and I prefer this one.

Hatch Sound Machine

We live in a small house and a good quality sound machine was a must. I love that this one displays the time and can be used as a night light. It also connects to your phone so you can control everything without even being in the room. We have 2 of these and will never use anything else! My kids love the white noise.

FridaBaby NoseFrida

This was one of those products that I got at our baby shower and fully expected to never use. But never say never because this is a lifesaver when your baby is struggling with nasal congestion. It’s super simple to use and works like a charm!

Love to Dream Swaddle

Both of our kids benefited greatly by being swaddled to sleep. My daughter loved it so much she wouldn’t sleep without it. The one pictured here is for newborns but the next size up has detachable arms so as your baby grows this swaddle transitions to a sleep sack. 10/10 recommend.

Footed, double zipper sleepers

My babies lived in these the first few months. The double zipper is a must & makes the nighttime diaper changes so much easier. Cat & Jack, Gerber, and Simple Joys by Carters were our favorite brands.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles were the best because you could stick them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. I also felt like they got cleaner than plastic bottles. We bought new nipples but were able to use the same bottles for our second born.

Gripe water

I hope your baby doesn’t struggle with belly issues or gas but chances are you will need gripe water at some point. It helps with fussiness, stomach discomfort, & constipation. Wellements is one of my favorite brands because I don’t have to worry about the ingredients used in their products.

I could go on forever but I will leave you with these products. It can be overwhelming deciding what’s best for you and your baby but you’ve got this and remember no one knows your baby better than you! If you try something from this list and love it, let me know!

This post does contain affiliate links. If you do order through any of the links I may receive a small commission. 😊


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