Dani Grace – A car birth story

9 months ago when I saw those 2 pink lines appear, 4 months after giving birth to our first child mind you, I had no idea what a crazy birth story our little babe would have. I have had lots of people reach out and ask for the details surrounding her arrival and since I love a good birth story myself I decided to write it out for the world to read 🙂

Besides the first trimester, all day sickness I seem to have with all my pregnancies, no matter if its a boy or a girl, my pregnancy with Dani was pretty uneventful. Myles was born at 35 weeks so I was closely monitored for signs of pre term labor. Thankfully baby girl stayed cooking until her due date, March 7.

All through my pregnancy I was nervous about a fast birth. For context I went from barely being dilated 1 to being complete in a matter of maybe 3 hours when I was in labor with Myles. And I had always heard that the second baby comes quicker. So at my 39 week appt. when I got checked and my midwife told me I was already a 3 and the baby was so low she could feel the head, I panicked.

I had been hearing so many stories lately about people having babies at home, in the hospital lobby, or getting there just in time. Ask my family, I was worried! What if I went into labor while Loyal was at work, far away. What if it happened so fast I’d be home alone with Myles? Dramatic? Maybe, but I think there’s something to a mothers intuition.

At 12:15 AM I woke up with a slight stomach ache. I went to the bathroom, had a bowel movement, and went back to bed. At 12:30 I woke up again, this time along with my stomach ache I also had some cramping. I went to the restroom again and got back in bed. As I laid there I kept thinking, is this the start of labor? I couldn’t sleep so I got up, drank some water, and sat on the rocking chair. I kept shaking, I was very nervous.

At 1:13 am I called my midwife and told her I was having slight cramping accompanied with frequent bowel movements. TMI but if you’re reading this odds are you’ve gone thru labor yourself and know all about it, haha. I told her my water hadn’t broke, I had no bloody show, and no consistent contractions. She told me it sounded like the beginning stages of labor and I should try to relax by taking a bath or shower. I told her how nervous I was and worried that things could move quickly and she advised me to ask someone to come spend the night in case we needed to leave quickly and didn’t have time to take Myles to a sitter. At 1:20 am I called my MIL, asked her if she would mind sleeping on our couch tonight, labor might be starting. I told her not to rush.

After I made those arrangement I figured I should go tell Loyal. I woke him, explained what was going on and told him he didn’t need to get up or anything, it was still early on. Then I used the bathroom AGAIN. At that moment I had my first contraction. And then maybe a minute later I had another one, and then another. I rushed back into our bedroom and told Loyal to get up right away. I said “As soon as your mom gets here we need to leave for the hospital. My contractions have started and it feels just like it did right before Myles was born!”

I’m sure Loyal thought I was nuts but he got up and started getting ready. I tried calling my MIL multiple times to ensure she was on her way, since I had reiterated to her multiple times that there was no rush 🙂 I couldn’t get ahold of her and soon started panicking thinking she had fallen back asleep. Meanwhile Loyal had showered and taken our bags out to the car. I told him to call his mom and thankfully she picked up and had just turned onto our road. I went to the restroom one more time and grabbed a few bath towels just in case my water broke on the way there. Loyal’s mom got there and I remember handing her the baby monitor and telling her a few things about Myles schedule as loyal put on my shoes.

As soon as we got in the car I knew this was not going to be a fun ride. I am convinced there is nothing worse than contractions in a car. Especially when you’re in transition and the pushing stages of labor. Before we even got off our road I was on all fours, with my arms on the center console. Once again, I am very curious what exactly was going thru loyal’s mind. As we went thru Sugarcreek I thought to myself we are not going to make it!

“We need to call Kim, I’m not going to make it!” I told loyal as we drove past Provia on SR 39. He called her immediately, told her what was going on, and she instructed us to call 911, and then she hung up. Later she told us she didn’t mean to be rude but she could tell by my voice that things were serious and she wanted us to call an ambulance asap. Loyal was in denial. He thought we could make it there. He did not want to call 911 so at 2:05 I dialed and threw the phone at him.

The operator was very calm and told us to pull over, she would dispatch an ambulance right away. Loyal wanted to keep driving and meet them halfway but that was not an option. My water broke right as we pulled over in the Marathon Bellstores parking lot. Thank goodness for 911 operators who remain calm and stay on the phone with you. She told Loyal everything he had to do. For starters I was still fully clothed. Loyal took off everything from the waist down because I could not even imagine moving from my position which I was now laying back on the front seat with one leg on the dash and the other hanging out the door, hahaha.

I told the operator from the beginning that I had to push and asked her if I was allowed or if I should try to wait until help got there. She told me I could push whenever I felt the urge. So I did. Loyal’s job was to tell the operator when he saw the head. It didn’t take more than a few pushes before the head was out. I knew from my previous experience that I should now wait a bit before pushing the rest of the body out. Loyal was instructed to do some pushing of his own to slow the baby from coming out to fast. Yes he is traumatized for life, hahaha.

As I was feeling another contraction come on we saw the lights from the ambulance pull up. Loyal yelled to them that the head was out and an EMT was immediately by our sides. Loyal asked if he should get out the way but much to his dismay they told him he was fine right there. At 2:20 am I pushed one final time and Dani Grace came into the world.

Dani cried right away which we were so thankful for. They wrapped her in a blanket and let me get my bearings for a bit and then I got out of the car and walked to the stretcher. They got me situated and then handed Dani to me. We got put into the ambulance and headed for the hospital. On the way the EMT’s took our vitals and just made sure we were comfortable.

My midwife met us at the hospital & kept saying she could not believe what had just happened. I had called her an hour before Dani was born, saying I had cramps.

We got taken to our room and my midwife told Loyal his job isn’t quite done yet. It was time to cut the cord. After that I delivered the placenta while they got Dani’s measurements.

Dani Grace – 7 lbs 2 oz, 20 in

From there it was a very standard hospital stay. We got to go home the following day and Dani has been keeping us on our toes ever since. 🙂

My midwife made the comment that maybe next time we’ll do a scheduled, 38 week induction. I’ve also been told next time we should plan for a home birth. As of now we have our hands full enough with Myles and Dani and aren’t planning on baby #3 anytime soon haha.

Although it was not at all what I had envisioned God answered so many prayers I had surrounding Dani’s birth. It was fast ;), uncomplicated, and mom and baby are both healthy!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. What a story to tell!


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